Month: April 2022

apex hydroseeders - hydroseeding for wildfire suppreession and revegetation

Hydroseeding for Wildfire Suppression & Revegetation

Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a combination of seed, mulch, and fertilizers to promote quick germination and growth. This mixture, known as slurry, gets thoroughly mixed inside a tank before being sprayed in a uniform layer over the prepared ground. The speed and range of this process makes hydroseeding especially effective for both…

hydroseeding in construction

Hydroseeding in Construction

Hydroseeding in construction is a method commonly used to stabilize the soil and promote revegetation in areas where construction efforts have disrupted the soil. Hydroseeding involves applying a slurry of seed, fertilizers, and tackifiers (to help slurry adhere to the ground) to bare ground in order to return the ground to its pre-construction appeal.  What…