Hydroseeding Applicators

APEX hydroseedingapplicators

When it comes to working with harsh applications and abrasive mixes we understand the challenges you face, so we perfected our applicator to meet every demand. Our completely stainless steel design and interchangeable power pack add durability and longevity to your operation by increasing tank life. Our vortex pump discharges a wide variety of mixes quickly and at long distances, giving you power and versatility for every application. Whether you need a small unit or a larger one for increased productivity, we have you covered.

APEX Products

XA1200XA1200 Perfect for mid-sized and larger projects. Available as a skid, trailer, or gooseneck trailer configuration. Mixes and applies the thickest slurries in the industry.

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XA3000 / XA4000 / XA5000

XA3000 / XA4000 / XA5000

Applicators feature a Hydraulically-driven Vortex slurry pump equipped with dual agitators to increase production and profitability on large scale projects.



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