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Apex creates machines with versatility in mind to ensure that customers within the hydroseeding industry can find use in them. Regardless of the size of the job, or the mixes used, we strive to accommodate all of our customers. Because of this, our products provide a number of different applications.


adc for


A common application for Apex machines is alternative daily cover for landfills (ADC). Traditionally, landfills cover their land with a minimum 6-inch layer of coverage. This coverage could be soil, mud, or clay covering compressed blocks of trash. This layer is meant to reduce smell, keep animals out, and seal the trash into the ground. Over time, people have looked for alternatives to using soil because of the time and airspace it consumes when covering daily.

With Apex, landfills are able to quickly and efficiently cover large areas. With the appropriate mixes, they can take up significantly less airspace than the traditional 6 inches of soil. For most landfills, conserving airspace is one of the most important objectives. Available airspace refers to maximum height a landfill can become before it can no longer be used. Therefore, landfills have an incentive to reduce the space they are using to maximize their lifespan.

With space being a concern replacing soil with a thinner layer of alternative daily cover (ADC) will increase the life of a landfill tremendously. Apex machines offer a quick and efficient solution for a problem that almost all landfills face.

dust control in

mining operations

Hydroseeding is also an important application for dust control especially within the mining industry. Mining operations find dust control important because excessive airborne dust can cause health concerns for workers. Additionally, many governments regulate emissions, and this includes dust. Because of this many mining operations are searching for ways to keep dust to a minimum. A typical solution to this problem is using water to cut down on airborne dust. In addition, they keep the ground wet to keep trucks and other traffic from kicking up more dust.

Hydroseeding is an alternative solution that can help to solve this problem. Mixes retain moisture and cover the ground helping to suppress dust. Applying these mixtures will last longer than spraying the ground with water because of the moisture that mixtures hold. This means that mining operations can spend less time keeping the ground wet allowing them to be more productive.

landscaping on

Private yards, golf courses, sports turf

Another widely used application for hydroseeding is landscaping on private yards, golf courses, and sports turf. Hydroseeding to help with landscaping can leave these area’s grass and vegetation looking healthier and fuller. Also, hydroseeding helps vegetation to grow where it is not already present. The different mixes available on the market allow for customers to get exactly what they want in terms of coverage. For example, a golf course might want to grow grass that can be kept short while a homeowner might want to have fuller grass that will be kept longer with less watering. Overall, hydroseeding is a great way to accomplish practically any landscaping job.

erosion control on


Apex hydroseeding equipment is also useful large projects such as erosion control, slope stabilization, and oil pipelines.

Erosion control is an important application of Apex products. Erosion occurs when wind, water, and other natural elements wear away soil and rock and transport them to another location. Through hydroseeding, more vegetation can grow helping to slow the process of erosion. These roots also hold loose soil in place greatly reducing the chances of erosion. This makes hydroseeding with Apex a viable solution in areas where erosion is common.

Like erosion control, hydroseeding is also used for slope stabilization. There are many techniques practiced in attempts to stabilize slopes. Many of these practices include using nets or matting over parts of a slope to hold it in place. Hydroseeding plays a role in slope stabilization by helping to slow erosion on the slope. This paired with some of the other techniques involved in stabilization will allow a slope to become stable.

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Fire suppression is a less common yet highly important application of Apex machines. Apex applicators can help stop the spread of forest fires by pre-treating areas where fires are likely to spread. In addition, Apex machines are able to spray a large array of different materials. For instance, there are gel substances made exclusively for fire suppression. Apex machines are capable of mixing and spraying these substances in to combat fires. This gel can be sprayed directly onto the fire or on trees in the fires path. Although this is not a common usage of hydroseeding machines, the importance of this application can be seen in areas with high chances for wildfires.

dust control in


Land reclamation refers to both restoring land or the process of creating new land. A main goal of land reclamation is to make unusable land usable or to change existing land. Swampy areas being drained to make land usable and accessible is an example of this. In addition, land reclamation works on transforming land in environmentally sensitive areas. When working in land reclamation land conditions are typically not normal. For instance, when working in land reclamation it is fairly common to work in waterlogged or eroding areas.

Although these conditions are not ideal, hydroseeding can play a role in transforming land into what the job requires. Often when dealing with land reclamation there are many steps in the process. One of steps towards the end of the process can be hydroseeding to promote vegetation growth. There are many times when land is considered bad or unusable because of the soil. By hydroseeding, nutrients from mixes can promote growth which can help to restore soil. In turn, this can make the land healthier allowing the land to be used again.

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