Apex XA3300 / XA4000 / XA5000 Hydroseeders®

Product features

apex xa3300 | XA4000 | xa5000

  • Cummins QSB 4.5 turbo charged, water cooled diesel. Tier 4 (173hp) compliant engine with self-diagnostics including engine shut off due to low oil pressure or high engine temperature
  • Hydraulically driven 6” x 3” Vortex Pump – with single bend suction line
  • Twin, variable speed (0-150 rpm) hydraulically driven agitators
  • 3-16” stainless steel slurry tank
  • Military grade aluminum tank top
  • Raised loading hatch – 20” (51cm)
  • Fully integrated 80 gallon fuel tank
  • Exclusive 5 point agitator seal assembly
  • Fully enclosed engine compartment
  • Three large swing gates
  • Liquid re-circulation
  • Complete set of 6 nozzles – long distance, narrow and wide ribbon fan – high and low volume
  • Hydraulically operated hose reel with 200’ of 1-1/4” hose with Air Flush
  • Optional second discharge turret
  • Max Distance Up to 325’ (99 meters)

low maintenance

Noncorrosive Tank

Abrasive slurry mixes won’t destroy our tank body, because we’ve specially welded each tank with noncorrosive stainless steel both inside and out to eliminate weak points, maximizing the product lifespan. Additionally, we have powder coated railings and an aluminum operator platform to prevent corrosion and water collection. We’ve been in the business along time and we understand what corrosion will do. If there’s a chance the mix will touch it, we protected it.


low maintenance

Advanced Hydraulic Power

Our twin hydraulic system features a long working life. And our advanced hydraulic cooling prevents the system from overheating — improving efficiency and eliminating maintenance with a clean design.


All-Encompassing Design

Our machine was created with versatility in mind so we included large pumps and agitation systems as well as variable controls for use with a full range of hydromulching products.



Interchangeable Power Pack

We designed our power and pump system to be completely removable allowing contractors to remove, replace or upgrade the power to extend the life of the tank and ensure consistent compliance with latest technologies and requirements.


Strong Discharge

Prepare to see high quality results as our vortex pump easily handles thick and viscous mixes without clogging, and will discharge nearly the entire tank of material with distances of more than 325 feet.

hydroseeding in construction


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