Product Features:

  • Tank Size: 1200 Gallons
  • Engine Size: 74 hp Doosan D24 (Tier IV Final Diesel)
  • Agitation: Hydraulic, Variable Speed, Reversible
  • Pump Type: 4″ x 2″ Vortex Centrifugal Pump
  • Pump: Hydraulic, Variable Speed
  • Material Capability: All Hydraulic Mulches – No Limitations
  • Typical Uses: HydroSeeding and HydroMulching, Erosion Control, Residential Construction, Commercial Construction, Golf Course Construction
  • Key Features: Hydraulic Controls, Industry Exclusive “5 Point” Agitator Seal Assembly, Stainless Steel Tank, Military-Grade Coated Aluminum Bolted On Tank Lid, Fully Enclosed Engine Compartment, Modular “Power Pack” Design, Two Large Sliding Gates for Material Loading, Raised Loading Hatch, 34″ Mounting Rails Standard, Oversized Sump to Ensure Maximum Tank Drainage, Hydraulic Hose Reel Option
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Tank: Liquid Capacity 1,200 gal (4,542 liters)
Working Capacity 1,080 gal (4,088 liters)
Granular Solids 3,500 lb. (1,588 kg)
Fiber Mulch 500 lb. (227 kg)
Empty Weight 5,300 lb. (2,400 kg)/skid
Approx. Working Weight 16,000 lb. (7,257 kg)/skid
XA1200-S XA1200-T XA1200-GN
Length 186” / (4.74m) 256” / (6.5m) 283” / (7.19m)
Width 72” / (1.83m) 72” / (1.83m) 72” / (1.83m)
Height 88” / (2.24m) 106” / (2.69m) 110” / (2.79m)


Low Maintenance

Noncorrosive Tank Ensures Long Life

  • Noncorrosive Tank – Abrasive slurry mixes won’t destroy our tank body or piping, because we’ve specially welded each tank with noncorrosive stainless steel both inside and out to eliminate weak points, maximizing the product lifespan. Additionally, we have powder coated railings and an aluminum operator platform to prevent corrosion and water collection. We’ve been in the business along time and we understand what corrosion will do. If there’s a chance the mix will touch it, we protected it.
  • Advanced Hydraulic Power – Our twin hydraulic system features a working life of more than 2000 hours. And our advanced hydraulic cooling design prevents the system from overheating — improving efficiency and eliminating the need for a hydraulic oil cooler and its related maintenance


  • Interchangeable Power Pack – We designed our power and pump system to be completely removable allowing contractors to remove, replace or upgrade the power to extend the life of the tank and ensure consistent compliance with latest technologies and requirements.
  • Strong Discharge Power – Prepare to see high quality results as our vortex pump easily handles thick and viscous mixes without clogging, and will discharge nearly the entire tank of material with distances of more than 325 feet.


Twin hydraulic system provides power for the most abrasive mixes.

  • All-Encompassing Design – Our machine was created with versatility in mind so we included large pumps and agitation systems as well as variable controls for use with a wide-variety of products.


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