Hydroseeding in Construction

hydroseeding in construction

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Hydroseeding in construction is a method commonly used to stabilize the soil and promote revegetation in areas where construction efforts have disrupted the soil. Hydroseeding involves applying a slurry of seed, fertilizers, and tackifiers (to help slurry adhere to the ground) to bare ground in order to return the ground to its pre-construction appeal. 

What is Hydroseeding in Construction?

Hydroseeding is used in construction to prevent and control erosion at sites like highway, land development, or other industrial construction projects to help stabilize the soil, promote revegetation, and reduce runoff-related problems and pollution. 

Hydroseeders Expand your Contractor Services

Hydroseeders can make a great addition to a contractor’s equipment fleet, as they allow contractors to quickly and effectively repair land that has been heavily disturbed by construction efforts. From industrial and commercial contracting projects like highways and developments, to smaller landscaping jobs, a hydroseeder can prove a quick and cost-effective way to finish major construction projects precisely and help them look their best as quickly as possible. 


If you’ve often found yourself wondering what is the green stuff sprayed on the side of the highway?  Then you’ve already seen hydroseed in action. The green stuff sprayed on the sides of highways is the slurry that’s been applied by a hydroseeder.  Non-toxic green dye is often added to the slurry so it’s easier to see where seed has been applied in order to create a uniform, even layer of seed for a lush-looking and consistent end result for highway ditch seeding. 

Construction Sites

It’s also very common to see the ‘green stuff’ at construction sites, as contractors will use hydroseed to restore land with vegetation, minimize erosion at construction sites, and to help stabilize the soil and surrounding area. 

Land Development

Supporting revegetation is an important component in many land development projects, and hydroseeding is a great way to get revegetation done quickly and effectively. Many land development projects must adhere to strict environmental and municipal regulations, and hydroseeding helps contractors meet those regulations quickly and easily. 

Benefits of Hydroseeding for Construction

The hydroseeding process offers numerous advantages for construction contractors including:


It’s not uncommon for construction contractors to have tight project schedules and deadlines, which makes the speed of hydroseeding particularly beneficial. Hydroseeding allows you to cover large areas in a short amount of time, while also experiencing faster growing cycles than traditional “dry” seeding applications.


Hydroseeding produces consistent, high-quality results. If you’re after lusher, greener lawns and landscapes, hydroseeding can provide them much better than dry seeding or sodding. That’s because hydroseeding can establish a deeper root system in the soil than other processes.

Erosion Control 

In order to meet the often strict federal and environmental regulations imposed on industrial construction projects, contractors can use hydroseeding to ensure their projects meet even the strictest standards for erosion control and soil stabilization. 


Hydroseeding works well for a variety of construction-related applications. From hillside stabilization and roadside planting to erosion and dust control, hydroseeding for construction allows you to complete a variety of projects with one versatile piece of equipment. 

Labor Savings

Increase your projects’ profitability with hydroseeding for construction by reducing manpower and material costs — hydroseeding can cover large areas with a team of two people in a few hours, significantly reducing time and materials from a traditional sodding or planting process. 


The benefits of hydroseeding at construction sites help contractors do what they do best, while ensuring their projects are up to code and that the environment is as minimally-impacted as possible. This also allows contractors to save time and money, while ensuring a high quality result for all kinds of projects and landscapes. For more information about hydroseeding for construction, visit our resources, or contact us to learn more. 

Doug Wysong

Doug has been designing innovative equipment for the erosion control industry for almost 40 years. With a degree in Agricultural Engineering, Doug specializes in power and energy systems, vehicle dynamics, and slurry pump technology to keep the Apex brand at the forefront of the landscaping industry. Doug has learned much from customers over the years and feels their input is vital in making the equipment he designs special. The best days are spent hydroseeding with customers and seeing what they can do with the product!

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