Month: February 2024

commercial hydroseeding costs. A person holding a hydroseeding nozzle over their shoulder sprays hydroseed over bare dirt. A hydroseeder is visible parked in the background.

Commercial Hydroseeding Costs

Like all forms of hydroseeding, the cost of commercial hydroseeding is impacted by a variety of factors. However, in 2021, the average range for commercial hydroseeding projects was from $3,000 to $5,000 per acre.  Depending on the type of equipment you use, the materials involved for the hydroseeding project, and the particulars of the location,…

common hydroseeding mistakes to avoid. A worker stands on top of a large hydroseeder, spraying hydroseed overe a bare portion of land.

Common Hydroseeding Mistakes to Avoid

Hydroseeding has quickly become a popular method to establish a lush, vibrant lawn or landscape since it offers a cost-effective and efficient way to achieve great-looking grass. However, as with any landscaping project, there are some common mistakes that can lead to hydroseeding failure if not addressed. In this article, we outline the common hydroseeding…